Our Story

founded to make dental treatment affordable to all

Qualiteeth Dental Clinic was founded by Dr. Lim and Dr. Ng in 2017 when both of them decided to start up a dental clinic to provide affordable and quality dental treatment to the community. They vowed to make dental treatment accessible to all people of different classes.

In year 2020, they have decided to expand their services to other regions when many patients have come from far in order to get their treatment done. Most of them actually came to Qualiteeth Dental Clinic by word-of-mouth referral. They later brought in Dr. Tan and Dr. Ki as partners, who are also having the same vision and passion towards dentistry after working together for a long period of time.

Over the year, Qualiteeth Dental group has continued to grow and expand to 11 branches in Klang Valley and most of them are located on the ground floor to accommodate wheelchair patients. Although most of the clinics are located on the ground floor with high rental and facing challenges like hike of material and disposable price, the treatment charges remained unchanged for the past 3 years in order to keep the promise to make dental treatment accessible to all classes of people.

Our mission, vision and values

Creating smile for you and your loved one


To eliminate dental phobia and make every treatment a pleasant experience for our patients.

“Treating every patient as if they are our own family members.”- Qualiteeth Dental


We wish to expand our services nationwide so that everyone can enjoy affordable and quality dental treatment without having to travel far. 

Value Statement

The five core values "Safe, Hygienic, Affordable, Painless, Ethical" are the most valuable assets of Qualiteeth Dental Group in order to put our patient satisfaction as our top priority. We have been holding on to these principles since the first day we started Qualiteeth Dental and we will continue doing so in the future.