Dr. Jillian Lee Ker Fung

Dental Surgeon

Dr Jillian Lee obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery at University of Malaya(UM) and began her journey in dentistry in 2011. She was one of the dean list award winners in 2014 and was awarded Second prize for outstanding achievement in Overall Presentation at the 17th Dental Students’ Scientific Conference.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she worked as a dental surgeon for the Malaysian Ministry of Health where she attached to multiple dental specialist clinics including the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department, Hospital Seberang Jaya and Dental Paediatric department, Hospital Pulau Pinang.

At present, she is committing fully in Qualiteeth Dental Clinic and offers all types of dental treatments for her patients. She has also completed her Basic Implant Course by Megagen Korea. She is currently attending her residency in Full Face Orthodontics by world-renown orthodontist Dr Derek Mahony.