Dr. Adeline Yong Siew Faung

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Adeline begins her dentistry journey back in the year 2011, in College of Dental Sciences, affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India. Before coming home to Malaysia, Dr. Adeline served the Indian community for a year, where she provided dental treatments to hospital patients and participated in various outreach programs in Davangere, Karnataka.

Coming home after 5 years in India, she extended her service to the Malaysian public sector for 2.5 years, attaching multiple disciplinary dental specialists, including Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Paediatric department in Hospital Selayang, before joining the private sector.

Believing strongly in the value of continuing education, Dr Adeline actively took part in various dental courses throughout her career, eg endodontic and indirect restoration workshops by The Dental Academy Malaysia, endodontic hands-on by Kp Alan, and Victory with Veneers by Universiti Malaya. When she is not busy seeing patients, she travels. A trip was made all the way to Jakarta where she improves her skills on indirect veneer, mentored by well-known cosmetic & aesthetic dentist, Dr Griya Ridha Raharja Drg.

At present, Dr Adeline has committed solely in Qualiteeth Dental Clinic, working on all aspects of dental care. She believes that dentistry should be a holistic approach to treat patient as a whole with gentle and care. She is also currently undergoing her Comprehensive Modular Orthodontics Program– BIO (Biomechanical Institute for Orthodontics), under the tutelage of renown orthodontist Dr Paolo Manzano.